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Our Story

The Wolfellas believe passionately that sharing meals with others, whether between couples or entire cultures, is the foundation of good connection and strong community. It’s their mission to make it easier for everyone.

About Us

They didn’t know it, but the Wolfellas (Margaret Wolf and Jeremiah Centrella), have been working towards Wolfella Food Company since they were 6. That’s when Jeremiah first started cooking and preserving food on his family farm in rural Western, Oregon. After an early career in restaurant kitchens and years of adventurous cooking, entertaining friends and family, prepping amazing meals for camping and river trips, and preserving food from their abundant garden, they started offering to prep and freeze meal kits for friends during the pandemic. Eventually this turned into full on testing and iterating more and more different kinds of foods with a broader and broader testing group. During the testing phase they ended up delivering over 3000 person/meals to everyone from busy professionals with small children to chefs who worked in Michelin starred restaurants. Eventually the call of the kitchen was too strong and Jeremiah left the international corporate world to put all of his energy into making home cooked meals easier for friends and family.


16285 SW 185th Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97224

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