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How it works

01 Place Order

Choose your meals from our a la carte menu and order anytime. We keep an inventory of popular kits that rarely rotate off. In addition, each week we update the menu with 1-4 new menu items, some that we make in small batches and that sell out quickly and others made to stay on our menu for a couple of months or more. Our menu is a mix of quick, elevated standards and kits for the adventurous home chef.​

02 We Deliver

We deliver right to your door every Thursday (for Portland metro only). When you order is up to you, but we deliver all orders received before midnight on Wednesday on Thursday.

03 Buy Fresh Veggies

Many meal kits recommend you add 1-3 fresh salad or veggies ingredients from your garden,  fridge or the farmer’s market.  For example, salads require you to bring the salad greens, which don't freeze well.  Meals marked as complete meals do not require any additional fresh veggies.

04 Thaw and Cook

Thaws in 30 Minutes or Less

  1. Our method of packing individual components thinly in sealed bags makes for quick thaw times.

  2. Each kit comes with thawing instructions. Most items can be quickly thawed in their sealed bags in a bowl of cold water (often 5-15 minutes.

  3. Some items may require bags to be opened prior to thawing for food safety reasons or may take longer to thaw. You can view this information on the menu when ordering.

  4. Cut your veggies (if needed) and cook following the simple instructions provided.  Items in our kits are prepared up to the point they would be if on a restaurant kitchen line, meaning that they allow you to quickly cook with just a few steps and around one to three pans/dishes.  Long cooking items (braised meats, beans, etc.) are cooked and just need to be heated.  Sauces and flavorings are all ready to go.  Our goal is to let you get the good feelings associated with making a restaurant quality meal, but with very little effort.

05 Enjoy your meal

Eating Together Makes Us Better

  1. You choose when, where and with/for whom to cook your meal, typically in under 20 minutes - but with all of the collaboration and feelings associated with cooking a great meal at home.

  2. No fuss and minimal mess = way more time with family and friends.

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