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Eating together makes us better. 

Garden Party

Made to share.
A joy to prepare.

We make and deliver curated frozen prep kits so you can whip together memorably delicious family-style meals... anytime, anywhere.


Curated meals with multiple dishes that all pair perfectly.

Flash Frozen

Flash frozen to preserve texture and flavor.

Some Fresh Veggies Required

Some of our kits are complete, but some require a few additional fresh veggies.

Homemade Feasts in Minutes

Kits designed so you can make a home-cooked feast for family and friends.

How families use Wolfella to connect . . . 


Family Meals

The physical and mental health benefits associated with eating family-style at home are astounding.  Our mission is to make it easy to pull off any day of the week.  Keep our kits on hand for a day you don't have time or energy to do all of the work, for Sunday dinners, to get out of a food rut, or every day of the week. 


Outdoor Adventures

Our kits work great for camping trips, in an RV or camper van.  Throw the kits in a cooler with dry ice and they'll stay frozen for days (we've kept them frozen on rafting trips for a long time).  Fresh veggie lists and instructions are on the bag.  Makes meal planning, shopping and team cooking a breeze. 


Trips to the Cabin/Vacation Rental

Family meal time at a vacation rental or cabin can be a challenge, especially if you want great meals  that match the beautiful setting.  Just throw a few of our kits in a cooler for the drive.  Add a bit of dry ice if the journey will last more than 3-4 hours.  The instructions and limited fresh veggie shopping list are on the package.


Dinner Parties

Using a frozen meal kit for a dinner party? Our kits make it possible for one person to cook a three course meal for 40 people in under an hour.  Combine different kits for authentic feasts (for example, combine multiple different Thai inspired meals for a Thai feast).  We suggest trying our meals and finding ones you love before going all in on a dinner party.  Keep a couple of your favorite kits on hand for impromptu dinner parties with the neighbors (our favorite kind).

Friends Eating Dinner

...and what they say.

This is a people pleaser in our house every time. That's no small feat...our house is filled with folks with varying dietary restrictions and one person who is the pickiest eater of all time. This meal makes EVERYONE happy. And I'm so thankful to wolfella for giving me a rare complaint-free dinner experience.

— Caroline O - Thai Herb Stuffed Game Hen

Tonight our 14 year old asked if we could make this every night. She has never said that about any meal. Your dinners make our kids want to sit down and eat as a family. We also love camping with your meals, an easy way to impress our friends. Thank you for building community and family togetherness through food, this changes everything.

— Merriah F - Thai Candied Pork

Wolfella food is the highlight of our week. It's fun and easy to make and then within minutes, we have a restaurant meal at home!! So good.

Julie F - Revel Meat Picanha Steak Summer Feast

Delivery Area

A la carte

Order off of our menu.  Orders received any day/time before midnight Wednesday night are delivered to the Portland metro area on Thursday evenings (new routes and days coming soon).  First delivery free for members (no fee or commitment required), $10 per delivery after that.

We deliver to the Portland metro area, from Beaverton to Troutdale and St. Johns to Tigard and Lake Oswego.  We also deliver to the Columbia George intermittently (sign up for our email list to be notified in advance of Gorge deliveries).

Best Sellers

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